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The DeAngelo Hall Foundation

foundationThe DeAngelo Hall Foundation was developed in 2006 with the far-reaching goal of serving as an agent of change, offering solutions and support to decrease youth violence and aid families and children impacted by a senseless social epidemic.

When DeAngelo was 12 years old, his older brother, Kevin, was gunned down at the tender age of 24. DeAngelo, being the youngest child of six, saw firsthand the effect of senseless violence on his family. With limited support available and few resources to help him or his family cope with the tragedy, DeAngelo was forced to grow up quickly as his mother and siblings dealt with the impact of this tragedy.

The Foundation is committed to helping young people choose alternative paths to violence through self-empowerment, advocacy and support of anti-violence programs. In addition to offering its own programs, the Foundation supports outside initiatives that provide awareness, advocacy, prevention and intervention services. Priority is given to programs that target youth between the ages of 11-19, as this is the age group at highest risk.

Since the Foundation’s inception in 2006, DeAngelo has used his status as a professional athlete to host community rallies and youth football camps and has made significant donations and contributions to organizations and victims of careless acts of violence.

In addition to his efforts in support of violence prevention, DeAngelo and his Foundation have made it a point to support overall community outreach. DeAngelo has committed his time and financial support to numerous other charitable causes and pledges to continue that support as his Foundation continues to grow.

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